BASTION &CO embodies the crossroads between lifestyle and style. Our brand came to light at the culmination of a series of conversations between co-founders, discussing the role of fashion and style in the lives of those who are consumed by career and ambition. Essentially, where do sartorial expressions fit into the lives of those who spend night and day working on their vocational craft? BASTION &CO is not an obscure concept; defined, bastion means “an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities.” 

Our brand stands for defending the various lifestyles of the ambitious. In the lives of those striving towards various goals, BASTION &CO does not wish to cover, but to highlight such accomplishments. We firmly believe that each young professional is defined not by their style of dress but by their ambitions and infinite bounds. As a fashion company, we do not try to thrust our image onto people’s lives, but conversely to frame like minded individuals with clean, powerful, and stylish items that compliment who they are as the pioneers of tomorrow.

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