Leather: A Fall Must-have!

How leather is essential for your fall wardrobe




Take a break from your normal trench coat this fall and dress up your look with a faux leather jacket.  From cozy bomber jackets to your classic motorcycle leather, you can dress with style this season! Start with the classic lighter versatile leather jacket since this September/October months are still sometimes on the warmer side. Don’t feel guilty about choosing a very simple looking leather jacket because it can be thrown on top of any outfit. The classic leather jacket is perfect for errands around the city or if you’re going on a date. Once the cooler side to fall comes, add some faux fur to your classic leather to keep warm. The bomber jacket gives you the warmer feel while still maintaining the classic look. You can wear this warm jacket with as many layers as you need: sweaters, tee’s, etc.  If you admire the rad/grunge look then you will defiantly LOVE the biker leather jacket. This jacket is important when the cool fall weather approaches. The thickness in these jackets will keep you warm. Pair any of these jackets with black skinny’s and a pair of combat boots for the full ‘badass’ affect.


Leather pants have become such a sleek look for fall/winter. Seriously, skip your every day pair of jeans and buy some leather pants for your fall wardrobe. These pants can easily be paired up with some ankle booties and a cute oversized top. If you’re looking to go out in leather pants, dress them up with a tux jacket and strappy sandals for something different. There are some very affordable stores who carry the perfect pair of leather pants such as Topshop, H&M and Zara.


Nylons and thigh high socks are making skirts very popular for this fall season. If you love leather jackets but would prefer a skirt, then I have something for you. I found every leather skirt style that matches the jackets above and they are fabulous. The oasis faux leather skirt is a great simple look for running errands in the city. Pair this skirt up with a knit sweater or a plain white top to get the classic vibe. If you’re looking for a more professional approach to leather, then check out the leather pencil skirt. This over the knee length skirt is great for the office. Pair this type of skirt up with a colorful blouse or a cropped collard shirt and you have your perfect office look.



Stephanie Griffon for SreetStyleVibes.com

Stephanie Griffon for SreetStyleVibes.com

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