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The last breath of summer

It is true that every good beginning is followed by a good ending and this is how we began to perceive summer slowly leaving our cities. Of course we happily welcome the long awaited autumn as well, full of warm red colours and fallen leaves. But now, as summer is taking it's last breaths, I decided to reflect this with a refreshing drink. 

I always thought that the funnest way to give the plain water we drink everyday a twist, is by adding sliced summer fruits to it. It's healthy, delicious, full of vitamins and fun for the eyes. Thats why this is so far my favourite drink. I always try to add different things to drink to give it a specific flavour and enjoy it for the rest of the day.


Here I share my favourites:


1   slice of lemon                           3   Mint 

     raspberry                                         lavender 

     plain water                                      plain water  

     ice                                                     ice 


2  slices of apple                          3  slices of lemon 

    cinnamon                                         mint 

    ginger                                                cucumber

    plain water                                       plain water

    ice                                                        ice 



 Veronica Baez for

 Veronica Baez for

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