Working Hard To "Make It" in The Fashion Industry


I started fashion blogging a year ago and over that time period I have gained 2000 followers on my social media platforms.

I’ve always been a big fan of social media and am highly addicted to it. I thought it would be a great idea to create some sort of career from my social media addiction. I stumbled upon fashion blogging during my daily dose of Instagram. I’ve always had a huge passion for fashion and new I belonged in the industry somewhere and that’s when I knew I had found my dream; fashion blogging.

You may read people writing messages like, “Anyone can be a fashion blogger.” They are right, anybody can do it, but it’s about the dedication, consistency, and hustle you put into your work to ‘make it’ in the industry. Of coarse anybody can post a photo of himself/herself with the hash tag #ootd (outfit of the day) and claim they are a fashion blogger. It all comes down to how well your blog is doing, the networking & collaborating with companies.

According to many I may not have “made it” in the fashion industry per say, but have a pretty good idea on how to work my way up. There are a few steps I can think of on how to accelerate your career in fashion blogging. First off, be yourself, it’s the key component when wearing clothes. You can express yourself without having to say a word when you put an outfit on. When you live in a small city like I do, it makes the journey a little bit difficult. I commute to Toronto almost every week to get some interesting blog posts. Most trips will be for events or a photo shoot to make a creative outfit post. You have to be willing to drop what you’re doing and go. I have a 9-5 job where I live in St.Catharines and some days I will drive right from work to attend an event the same night in Toronto. Good connections are not always guaranteed, but at least you can take some great photos for a blog post. Moving to the big city is not an option for everyone, so you have to take all the opportunities where you can and make the best out of your own personal situation.

We all know fashion blogging is about posting an outfit photo with your brand new outfit, whether it’s a new purchase or company collaboration. This past summer, I decided to try and save some money by shopping at markets and thrift stores. I discovered these stores are amazing and hold very chic clothes. You have to be able to dig through them, but it’s well worth it in the end. I ended up buying some high-end brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and BCBG all for a great cost. Sure they are used clothes, but that’s not what it has to be about. It should be about how you style the clothes you are wearing, not the brand or the quality, but simply how you look in them.

Fashion month is still taking place in Milan right now and I was very happy to go to New York Fashion Week. Did I say I attended, not quite? I drove 7 and half hours to Manhattan and made it in time for the last day of Mercedes Bens Fashion Week. I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to attend any shows in the Lincoln Centre. The amazing part is that I walked around in my Boho Chic look and drew attention from some street style photographers who captured some great shots of me. I also got a quick interview and the questions she asked me were amazing. Of course after I answered, I thought of better answers (that always happens to me). As they say at MBFW, most people look forward to seeing what the street style fashion bloggers sitting front row are wearing. I wasn’t sitting front row, hell I wasn’t even in the building. But the experience of walking around being photographed and being videotaped while interviewed was enough for me.

You have to take all of these experiences and wonderful opportunities and grow. I went to New York this year to walk outside of the Lincoln Centre. Next year, I will be attending the shows. Make goals, be determined & make it happen. Surround yourself with positive and influential people. The more you go to events & travel & network, the more opportunities you will get to meet photographers, stylists, models and everyone else in the industry. You can find some amazing inspiration like I have by focusing and working really hard.


Stephanie Griffin for

Stephanie Griffin for

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