New in Town: Amsterdam diaries


Mexican in Amsterdam.

I moved to Amsterdam not long ago. I always believed that when a great opportunity comes in life there should be no hesitation to pursue your dreams and seize that opportunity. So that is how I came to this city and how I started my blog 

As a Mexican, designer and passionate fashion blogger, I’ve been impressed of this wonderful place and the dutch people. Of course I had my difficulties beginning a new life including speaking another language and trying new food. But now I think that living in Amsterdam is certainly one of the best choices that one can make. 

Amsterdam is without a doubt one of the major cities in Europe with an outspoken urban/street style. Every corner is a unique experience and you can not believe that such a small country can be full of art, culture, lifestyle and above all, a lot of fashion.

The warm brown color of the streets make it a great host for all kind of styles, from rockers, urban to chic and romantic elegant sceneries. A walk in the centre of the city definitely gives you the change to enjoy these endless street style runways.

The Mexican culture, my culture, could be completely different but I always think the language of fashion applies to every corner of the world. Definitely I will continue finding suprises in this great place and enjoying them as much as I can. 




Hi everyone! I'm Veronica Baez, Mexican, a twenty-something passionate lifestyle blogger based in Amsterdam. Style mintd is a place to document the things I love. Design, trendy creations and fashion stuff. Here you will find everything from decor, photography, fashion, lifestyle etc.