4 Steps on: How to Name your Blog


It's all in the name

I am often asked by aspiring bloggers who are just starting out what to entitle their blog. After all, it will include usually everything that they feel is important and personal, so it’s a big decision to make. Well, here’s the thing, kids – blog naming is a tricky business because you want it to be meaningful, you want it to last (for years, hopefully), and you want it to be catchy enough that it sounds cool for readers to remember so they keep coming back.

The Title Must Reflect The Content

The title of your blog must (try, at least) to encapsulate what every post is about on a certain level. For example, my blog covers what’s going on in the Hamptons AND Hollywood, so if I’m talking about something strictly going on in L.A., I have to remember to make it relate-able enough for my East End readers so they don’t become bored. Maybe I’d wear a super preppy, seersucker wetsuit while I’m surfing in Malibu or something – you know, to satisfy all aspects of what my blog is supposed to stand for. Your title should reflect the content of your posts because it gives you guidelines on how and what to write about when building your brand.

Something You Won’t Get Sick Of

So this is hard, because who knows what you’ll be sick of in three months, am I right, indecisive millennials?! I suggest thinking of a title that reflects two of your top interests – Hamptons to Hollywood, Boobs and Loubs, Peaches and Salt, etc. BONUS if those two things rhyme or have alliteration.

Cater To The Subject Matter Of Your Blog

If you’re writing a food blog, don’t call it “Puppies and Purses”, for example. Carve out in your mind what the focus of your blog is going to be and what the majority of your posts will be about, then look for common threads that describe all those posts. So if you’re going to share vegan recipes, but your niche is dressing in high fashion while doing so, call your blog, “The Vogue Vegan.” Oh wow, that’s a good one, guys. Remind me to trademark it.

Whatever It Is, Make It Fun

Your title and blog posts should be FUN. Yes, it’s all well and good if you are stupidly photogenic and can take pictures like Victoria and David Beckham, but your job as a blogger is to entertain, inspire, and provide an escape for readers – so don’t be boring! Even if you think of a title that you’re afraid might be a little too ostentatious or flashy for your sensibilities, go with it. Better to have that than something completely dull. And if you create an evocative title, those few words alone will inspire future posts when you are faced with the inevitable writer’s block.



Kyle Langen for Hamptonstohollywood.com

Kyle Langen for Hamptonstohollywood.com

Kyle Langan is an entertainer and lifestyle blogger who curates the blog, www.HamptonstoHollywood.com, covering fashion, food, festivities, and fun in both Los Angeles and the Hamptons. Whether he’s partying with celebrities, going on wild adventures, publishing editorials, or covering lifestyle trends that mixes East with West, Kyle created From the Hamptons to Hollywood as a lifestyle blog that makes you LAUGH while giving you great tips. Peppered with some of his humorous trademark narcissism, but with tons of charm, his site hopes to entertain, inspire, and encourage everyone to follow their dreams.


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