Winter Trends 2014


Let it snow!

It doesn't matter if you follow them, ignore them or go completely against them, one thing is for sure: Fashion trends are here to stay. Fashion is everyone's playground not governed by rules or laws - nothing that cannot be done. This winter brings a great legacy behind it. Summer and Fall have created the perfect backdrop of bringing mixed prints and pastels back to the fashion forefront. For winter this year, coats and sweaters are front and center.

From leather to fur, from pastels to hot pinks, from oversized to slim, from long to short, it's all about coats and sweaters. This does not mean winter essentials like boots have taken a back seat. In reality boots have evolved too. Building on last year's craze, this season has emphasized on knee length boots. Same stands true for scarves and hats which have made a major comeback. Get a coat with a knee high boot, a nifty bag with blanket scarf and hat and you will stand out among the crowd as trendsetter. Trending colors this winter are olive, teal blue and pastels. Don't you ever forget the ever trustworthy black dresses and animal print coats - they are staple for anyone.

Another big trend this winter is the rise of oversized woolen capes with a wrap around skirt. So is the case with fur coats which have been in trend for a while now. They make any outfit look chic, sophisticated and glamorous. Scarves and hats/beanie are the best accessories for this winter. So style it up ladies! Mix it up and make it your own. At the end of the day, if you love something you wear it.


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