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Celebrity Pregnancy: Blake Lively

It's no secret that we love watching the rich and beautiful, often for no more reason than that they are very wealthy and stunning. Blake Lively, who is a particular breed of gorgeous that towers above most mere mortals, is a perfect example. We love knowing all about what Mrs. Ryan Reynolds is up to!

But when our jaws collectively dropped last week over her baby bump debut, more was happening than Blake looking far-along-yet-fetching in a floral Gucci number. She was cementing her footing in a new career choice: the mommy blogista.

Think about it: her pregnancy made such waves we all forgot how long it's been since she's actually acted in anything. The star has gone from the soapy teen show Gossip Girl to the ultimate homemaker. She'll show you how to bake brie [as seen in her appearance on Vogue's website]. She'll help you host the perfect party and decorate your home on her site, Preserve [which feels like a chic, curated farmer's market]. She even collaborated on a cupcake flavor for Sprinkles bakeries.

Knowing how to make a house more home-y, snagging a husband that's a total catch, and bringing up baby? I have visions of  Lively in a kitchen doing creative things with leftovers while wearing red lipstick..

In an age where most women in the western world were raised by working mothers, Lively's pregnancy is a loud announcement of her return to the hearth. The power of fame has allowed her to romance the everyday housewife paradigm and create a wistful lifestyle brand through it. Choosing to retire from acting to cook her husband a hot meal at night and raise her child, choosing to work from home and build a Martha Stewart-esque empire around said home, is not what we expect from such a blonde bombshell.

As feminism and women's rights continue to be debated by everyone from armchair politicians to senators to Lena Dunham to Shailene Woodly, Lively is adding a perplexing example into the mix. Is she a feminist for doing exactly what she wants even though it's a traditional role? Or is she simply falling into the housewife trap, a beautiful bird caged by an impressive husband a la Grace Kelly? Hopefully this princess can stand to prove that being a modern women means being what you want, apron be damned.  


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