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Shooting with a mobile phone became my passion 3 years ago, when I started using the Instagram application. I’m not a professional photographer; I don’t even own a camera, but I find truly amazing, how this application can change your life.

It enables you to become aware of how to express your feelings, thoughts and ideas, not only while shooting, but also during the editing process. I believe that the creative combination of those two, gives the perfect result.  

Since I am interested in architecture, my very first photo - shoots involved buildings and the way those can stand over and be observed, in relation to their external environment. Lately though, I’ve started taking pictures of people or their silhouettes, also capturing reflections and experimenting with light, which definitely plays the most important role in a good picture. Α recent trend is to mix architecture with people, which I also find very challenging.    

Instagram is definitely a means of presenting yourself and a tool to reveal your skills and creativity. It is more than a simple application regarding photography. Getting in touch with people from all over the world, making new friends, exchanging ideas and sharing your experiences with them, are amongst the things that I would have never imagined happening and I am more than pleased to be part of this community.


about the author

Vasilis Mathioudakis for @vasili.s

Vasilis Mathioudakis for @vasili.s

Born and raised in Chania – Greece. My work is related to architecture, urban planning and participating in volunteer teams that deal with city issues. I’m deeply influenced by the people and the music I love most.            


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