In's and Out's: Fall Fashion

Autumn and winter are already here and along with it come all the "In & Out's" of this season. Some of them will never return and others will surely be on standby and perhaps come back another season with touch of color. In fashion, you never know!

In & out SHOES 

Surely you've noticed how relaxed this season has been regarding in this aspect. We are definitely  going to forget those platforms heels and the not so beloved "crocs". This time the 80's/90's are back reusing our Nike sneakers and our stilettos, making us classy and elegant for every occasion. We will definitely walk in heels much easier this season.

In & Out Tops

Definitely warm colors: camel, gray and red are a must the Fall. Forget about neon colors (unless is sportswear), tribal prints and blouses with ruffles are out!. Encouraged to use warmer colors, it will make you look stylish and chic.

In & Out Dresses

Forget about those long dresses with transparent fabrics. The must of today's will be the midi pencil dresses, adding monochromatic colors to our figure (which will make us look thinner). Try them on!.

In & Out shorts

Who says you can't wear shorts in fall. This season, gold and black leather patterns will make us look as trendy as on the runway. Forget colored shorts and remove those that are 3/4. Out!

In & Out Accessories

Hats, many hats. Definitely hats with the style of Paris, New York and Milan will never go out of style. We love how hats can promote our full outfit. We forget Lana del Rey's girly flower crowns that were so popular last season - but not anymore!.

In & Out Hair

Smooth and relaxed curls will be our soul every day. We'll forget the elaborate hairstyles, the hard and tough hair with volume is out, the ombre with colors is also out!. Try an ombre hair style two tones lower than yours, so chic!

In & Out Beauty

The warm of red colors on our lips, the dark shades on our eyes will make us not only improve our face, but will make a very stylish look. The Neon nail colors are vanished from our beauty routine and of course take them off of your eyes as well. We can always give a natural look using only brown tones this season.

Try my tips and be ready to be in the world of fashionistas!


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Veronica Baez for

Veronica Baez for

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