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Darling, We Will Always Have Paris...

Paris, Paris, who hasn't dreamt about love in Paris and the entire context surrounding this place? "Darling, We will always have Paris" is how I started this weekend in the city of light and love. 

Paris is definitely a magical city. It combines artistic expressions, romanticism with classy styles for an overall unique feelings. What I love about Paris is that it will always have the romance that surrounds its streets, the smell of baguettes, wine, cheese, crepes and endless emotions of thousands of tourists that wonder around in the city. 

 For sure, Paris is the birthplace of fashion and where Le Belle Epoque found it's origin. This time I decided where an elegant-classy parisian look for the occasion. I will definitely go back and enjoy some more of this wonderful city.

 Au revoir mes amours! 



Veronica Baez for

Veronica Baez for

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