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Behind Boulevard Chanel 

Karl Lagerfeld; easily recognized by his sleek aesthetic and signature uniform: Slick ponytail, dark sunglasses, tailored black suit jacket, white high collared shirt, black tie (usually with a brooch), fingerless gloves, fitted black jeans, and finished off with black pointed shoes. If his name, as well as his attire, doesn’t ring the bell of familiarity then allow me to formally introduce you to the icon that so heavily influences fashion world…

With a past in designing and co-branding with labels such as Chloe, Valentino, and Tommy Hilfiger, it’s obvious that Mr. Lagerfeld holds more than excellent taste. In fact, it’s his artistic vision that captures the hearts of designers, buyers, lovers, admirers and fellow artists alike.

Karl Lagerfeld is currently the head designer and creative director for Chanel as well as creative director for Fendi. As if those titles aren’t enough indication of his influential lifestyle, he cherry tops it off by owning his own label titled “Karl Lagerfeld.” Amongst his accomplishments, Barbie recently released a ‘Barbie Lagerfeld’, modeled after the designer and his signature ensembles. The collectors Barbie was sold out within a day, retailing at $200.00 per doll, and only having made 999 of them worldwide.

With an introduction and legacy such as his, you can fully expect absolute perfection (and maybe even a feminist rally) when it comes to Mr. Lagerfeld’s vision for the runway scene! Which now leads me to Paris Fashion Week 2014… With a recreated Parisian neighborhood and 85 models strolling through the streets of it, this could only be described as a memorable moment that is instantaneously making its way into fashion history. The pavement was paved with models decked from head to toe in vibrant and timeless suits, bold color pallets, plenty of pin stripes, and just the right amount of a billowy flare.

It was evident that this collection had a feel of freshness in the air, from the models to the ensembles. However, the discussion of fine fabrics wasn’t the only thing floating in the air, which was purely the intent of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself. Signs with statements held by several of the models at the final walk waved through the air with the intention of empowering women with simple slogans. The message was clear to see (and hear through megaphones) that the show was closing with a mock feminist petition. While it has stirred up a slight controversy, one thing is certain, the clothes were exquisite and the presentation was one that people will be talking about for quite some time. I do believe it’s safe to say that Chanel stole the show, and maybe even the spotlight of Paris Fashion Week 2014.

There’s something about those Chanel catwalks, with a mind like Karl Lagerfeld behind, how can you not be all too curious for what the next runway stunt will be? And now that you’re familiar with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld, it’s completely brilliant and easy to see why he is the face of design for such an iconic brand as Chanel.



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