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"I am blogger". How many of you have heard this trendy word lately in social networks?. For about 7 years now the word of "blogging" has taken an unexpected course impacting not only the world of social networks but it has been taking it's own place in the world of writers, sports, entrepreneurs, but especially (and my favorite) in the world of fashion.

In the process of innovating companies currently seeking to reach more and more people in a globalized world, it has been known that one of the most important keys to success nowadays is undoubtedly to become known in social networks. The creation of new marketing departments say that "blogs" are certainly one of the best channels to reach new customers. There are many reasons why working with a blogger or being a blogger can become one of the best decisions of your life.

That’s why I’ll give you 4 great tips to start being a new blogger or recognize a good blogger no matter what’s your interests are.

1. Ideas, a lot of ideas

A blogger needs to have a creative mind. No matter what path you choose (art, text, tips, fashion, lifestyle, sports etc.) everything has to come from the need to show the world what is in your creative head and what makes you unique.

2. Content

This is as important as the blog itself, make something that catches the eyes of the world, visit similar blogs, look for inspiration! The Content is the soul of the blog. You’ll see how good you'll feel when people start to tell you how talented you are.

3. Social media

Once you are clear on what will be the topic of your blog and how this will influence your content, expand it by all possible social networks:

- Pinterest

Start with these basic ones and make yourself known, make people like you and they will start following your blog. This makes it very easy for people to visit you often and for potential companies to reach you.

4. Be yourself

There is nothing better than reading someone who is transparent and honest. Make people identify with you!. Be yourself, that's what people want to see and read. The greatest impact you can have in peoples life's is by being yourself, by letting them know you, by showing them what you’ve got and what your creativity has to offer!


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Veronica Baez for

Veronica Baez for

Hi everyone! I'm Veronica Baez, Mexican, a twenty-something passionate lifestyle blogger based in Amsterdam. Style mintd is a place to document the things I love. Design, trendy creations and fashion stuff. Here you will find everything from decor, photography, fashion, lifestyle etc.


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