Mastering Minimalism: A Style Guide


Less is More

If you’re seeking to simplify your style without compromising your own personal touches to your outfit, join me in mastering the fashion style of minimalism.

I am a firm believer of the simple, effortless yet stylish approach to fashion, however through the journey of developing my style, I still can’t say I have fully mastered the art of minimalism. Achieving this look can be done most effectively by combining basic block colours such as white, grey and black, and pairing these with different patterns and textures. Minimalism can be encapsulated into fashion in all sorts of forms ranging from the cut of the item to the specific ways in which is looks when worn with certain things.

At the moment with weather getting warmer here in Australia, I particularly love wearing leather slides with denim. These two looks out of the three I have styled incorporate different forms of light wash denim, which I think is an essential item to have in any wardrobe! Denim can look great with almost anything, as I was able to style it with both the plain grey midi dress and the striped V-neck T-shirt.

Another essential aspect to completing any look is the jewelry. At the moment, I am a massive fan of delicate and dainty rings and these ones from H&M as well as Sportsgirl are perfect for every outfit I put together. My watch from Sinobi is also one of my top picks for accessories as it is so simple, yet obtains such a classy and simple look. By coupling similar items together, anyone is guaranteed to successfully top off a perfect outfit.

I have also included a more dressy look which portrays the ways in which pattern can be incorporated into a minimalism outfit. They can be worn for formal and casual occasions, working well with almost any items of clothing. I consider such sandals as being a good base for a minimalist wardrobe as they are ever so versatile!

Hopefully this post can assist those of you who would like to include simpler items into your wardrobe in an attempt to create a clean, effortless and fashionable style. My mission to take on basic fashion pieces and build upon these is ever changing, as I too still struggle with finding the perfect minimalist outfit- don’t worry your not alone!



Victoria for

Victoria for

Hi there! My name is Victoria and I am a student and aspiring stylist from Melbourne, Australia. I started my blog Age of Minimalism recently in response to the strong demand for personal styling advice requested from my followers on Instagram. Ever since I can remember stepping foot into the fashion world, I have been hooked as I attempt to show others that simplicity doesn’t have to be boring and anyone can welcome an effortless outlook to fashion. I love to experiment with basics and incorporate my own personal touches to all my outfits- all wrapped in an inspiring minimalistic package!