Just a Summer Fling?: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin


The Breakup?

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Summer is definitely over and so are our summer flings. The same could even be said for actress Jennifer Lawrence- her tan lines have faded and so has the spark with Coldplay front man Chris Martin. The surprisingly discreet relationship-which lasted approximately four months according to People mag and Perez Hilton- has made more headlines with it's ending than it did with it's happening!

But those expecting to see JLaw brokenhearted will note that she's been spotted, all smiles, by many celeb blogs. She recently quipped to Vanity Fair that she needs “someone comfortable enough to fart around [her]” . So perhaps-like most summer flings-as fall approached she realized that they weren't the best fit.

Some have suggested that Lawrence was merely a rebound for the recently-divorced Martin.  And while both ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and Lawrence prove he has a penchant for blondes it hardly speaks to his intentions with Lawrence.

 But, in the interest of speculation, I can't help but wonder: if it was a fling then so what? Sometimes the shortest, lightest-seeming romances can leave the biggest marks [or even bruises] on our hearts. Getting to know someone means re-framing who you are for them to see. This can be a lot of fun but it can also be a deadly game of reveal-and-conceal: everything from what you wear to the stories you tell need to show just the right amount at just the right angle.

Flings are good for you. They remind you of the freshness and gleam love can bring to your life. They also teach strength because, as the Dad on Lizzie McGuire said, they wouldn't be called a crush if it didn't hurt, right?

Were Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence seeing wedding bells or stars? We'll never know for sure. But, either way, it should serve as a reminder that even what seems like a mini-romance is a chance to learn to love again. Seeing stars is considered fluff, but stars burn for millions of years and even the smallest spark can shine a new kind of light.


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