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On my day off last week, I was passing a resale boutique in Chelsea (The Thrifty Hog) with a friend and decided to go in. This place was great -- They had new, used & vintage garments and ranged in age from kids to adults; not to mention great home furnishing & decor. We were rummaging through old silly T-Shirts for a while, but I decided to do a little wandering throughout the narrow shop. I came across a small rack of jackets that i started sifting through (let me first start by saying how I have a weird-unaware-now-aware-obsession for jackets & coats) and came across a soft, camel colored overcoat with a label below the collar that read "Made in Italy." The country of origin caught my eye and had to observe it more. I pulled the jacket out, and low-behold, it was a beautiful MaxMara overcoat-- in a size 2! I immediately took it off the rack and ran to a mirror to try it on. (It's an incredible feeling when you put on a beautifully constructed garment such as a MaxMara piece-- let alone in your size.) I walked proudly over to the register where they rang me up -- $38; I nearly fainted. Walking out of the shop, I felt nothing more than a "thrifty hog" by snagging that coat before anyone else could get their tiny paws on it and couldn't be more ecstatic about my new find. Okay, Mother Nature— if you can hear me, now that I’m prepared with my new overcoat, bring on the autumn weather!"



Maranda Janky Vintage Blogger at

Maranda Janky Vintage Blogger at

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