BLOG Tips From Mexican Style blogger Anshal Vargas


Diary of  a Mexican Blogger 

How many fashion blogs we can find with just write the Word “FASHION” on the Internet? Thousand or millions?

When I started to discover the world of fashion blogs , I found that I had a way to share my style and love for fashion with other people.  So the first Mexican Blogger who inspired me was Andy Torres  owner of SyleScrapbook.

Just think that a Mexican represents us with such style in other countries was a big inspiration and  help me to find what I really wanted to do.


My lessons in this year of adventure touch the next points:

1.-When you start as a Blogger, you have to get inspired by trends and the Streetstyle from the other people, find your style and adapt to the trends.

2.-Is not just clothes!, when you are in the world of  fashion blogs,  involve yourself  with your brand and style, and you realize that the accesories and makeup are what define your look.

3.-Exist a revolution in the World of blogs, but you personality should always be present in your brand and style for the girls to connect with you.

4.- We live of the followers and likes, our style is part of the acceptance and inspiration to others. When you began to have followers is necessary still to encourage what they like about our blog.



Anshal Vargas for

Anshal Vargas for

My name is Anshal Vargas owner of Vame´s World, I’m from Mexico City and was 21 years old when started my project as a Blogger. Vame´s World is a blog inspired by my style and love for fashion, I talk about my inspiration day by day of different bloggers in the World, the  trends that  emerging every season and of the designers that bring us  innovative proposals in this world of competencies