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A Simple Note to New Bloggers, from the Creative Mind of Another New Blogger

To all my fellow new bloggers out there, I have found it quite necessary to type up this note for you all in regards to the everyday struggle of being a new blogger, to be more specific, a new style blogger.  Now don’t get me wrong, sharing my love of fashion through tips, photographs, and day-to-day activities is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.  What I have come to realize, though, is that under all the attention grabbing Instagram photos and perfectly coordinated blog posts, is a complete and utter struggle.  In fact, I have drawn out a list of some of those struggles:

1.     Shoot.

The Problem: Fine, you could say that I am trying to be punny, but in all seriousness…SHOOT!  Who is going to shoot my outfit every time I need to post?  Being a new blogger is tough when it comes to this because many of us don’t have the money to invest in professional photographers.  All I have is my Nikon D5100, myself, and a few friends.  Although I would love to magically sprout arms the length of tree trunks so that I may be able to take my own photos; that is simply not an option.  So what to do what to do…hmm.  Time to throw the tree trunk idea out the window and think of plan B.

The Solution: Feeling stylish but don’t have anyone to shoot your outfit of the day?  Try asking a stranger.  I’m not going to tell you that it won’t make you feel extremely uncomfortable, but once you get your photo, the joy you receive from getting your #ootd on camera, will surpass that initial awkwardness. Ok ok. Too soon for stranger interaction? Take a photo of yourself from the neck down either standing or sitting.  Whichever stance, you will be able to capture the majority of your outfit.  Your face won’t be included in the selfie but hey, it’s supposed to be about the clothing, right?  I kid! We all love seeing gorgeous smiles with equally attractive outfits, but the selfie option is a style blogger’s secret weapon.  Lastly, another go-to for bloggers is snapping the perfect outfit pic using the white background strategy.  The infamous white background allows you to snap the perfect Instragram photo.  Use a white poster board, take advantage of some natural light, and perfectly position your outfit and accessories.  Snap!  You now have a nice clean-cut photograph of that super trendy outfit of yours.

2.     Café Shots. 

The Problem: Although I would most definitely prefer to spend each day sipping on tea and munching on delicately decorated appetizers at a cute little café (in hopes of being able to achieve the perfect food photo), the task itself is quite challenging.  For starters, eating out is time consuming and can quickly drain your bank account.  An everyday field trip to a cute local restaurant that spends time turning your food into small edible art is probably as unrealistic as my previous tree trunk idea.

The Solution: As previously discussed, food photos are tough commodities to come by when you simply don’t have the time or money to be spending days on end at those cute little places.  Try creating some food art at home and taking pictures of your own personal creations.  Pssh, any trained professional can make food look attractive, but when you do it, the viewer catches a sense of your personality and wonderful hidden talent.  Don’t forget, use natural light to accentuate your masterpiece and the times you do go out to eat, please remember to capture the moment before it lands in your stomach.  If it’s not bright enough inside, try having your boyfriend, friend, third cousin removed or whomever you happen to be with, point their phone’s flashlight over the table for extra lighting.  This will allow for a clearer and brighter picture.

3.     Rejection. 

The Problem: Ahh, good ole rejection. Well, get used to it.  It’s tough but it’s going to happen…often.  Losing followers on your social media accounts along with limited feedback hurts.  It’s going to make you question whether or not you’re even good enough to be part of the fashion blogger ‘society.’

The Solution: There will be countless times where you will think or even be told that you’re not good enough.  Every time you lose a follower on social media or you check your site’s statistics, you feel like you’re almost at that point of giving up.  But, hey! Hello…! You literally just started out!  Ever heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”?  Do you think that Song of Style or Sincerely Jules got to where they are by giving up or throwing in the self-pity towel?  Obviously, for any new blogger, it won’t be easy. You’ll continually question your ability to fit into the world wide web of bloggers.  Keep pushing onward.  Use rejection. Use discouragement.  Use it all to your benefit. Learn form it, grow from it, and become a more efficient and yes, worthy…blogger.

4.     Other Bloggers. 

The Problem: Seeing the over flowing success and work of other bloggers is extremely intimidating.  You try to use them as inspiration by mimicking their creative ways but, your well given effort never seems to turn out as graceful or attractive as theirs.  Comparing your new blog to other professional and/or long-time bloggers is natural and in fact, extremely discouraging. 

The Solution: While it’s extremely smart to get inspiration and ideas from other bloggers, don’t make it your goal to be exactly like them.  Be yourself and show off who you are and what you love.  People love seeing your personality behind the pictures and who YOU truly are.   Rachel Parcell’s followers follow her for her style, class and gorgeous photos, but they don’t need to follow another Rachel Parcell.  Those who follow fashion blogs love finding new blogs and accounts to follow that will give them something different then each one they already follow.  Definitely see what’s trending, but be yourself.

5.     Collaborations. 

The Problem: Receiving minimal collaborations or even none in the beginning is inevitable.  I mean being new with next to no one in your following won’t benefit a company enough to want to team up with you.  Although it can’t make any more sense then it already does, it still seems to hurt our poor little feelings.  We want to be accepted into the blogger/brand community.  We want to be taken seriously.

The Solution: We all need to step back and take a deep breath.  Let’s not get upset or get down on ourselves because as I already mentioned, they won’t come until the brand believes you can be an asset to their company.  With a minimal following, collaborations won’t benefit any brand, especially an already well-known and established one.  Keep on building your blog, name, and following.  As you become better known and your following increases, that is when emails will come and collaborations will begin to happen.   

My fellow new bloggers, I hope that after taking the time to read this note, you feel a bit more encouraged.  Remember, you aren’t alone on the S.S. New Blogger. We must continue to sail forward; for stormy seas will come upon us, but we must be strong. Know that brighter days are yet to come.  Oh jeez, too corny?  I just felt super inspired that I might have gone a bit far with the ocean analogy.  Anyways, I hope you’ve gotten and understood my point.  Keep on posting, writing, and sharing.  We all want to support you and your creative mind.



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Danielle Hurme for

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